Five most important Croatian Glagolitic monuments
five most important croatian glagolitic monumnets

1. The Baška Tablet

The Baška Tablet from arround 1100 AD

The Baška Tablet is the first known monumnet in which the name of a Croatian king is carved in Croatian language. For King Zvonimir it is expressly said to be Croatian King.

2. Istrian Boundaries, 1275-1395

Istrian Boundaries
is the oldest known international legal document written in Croatian language.

4. The first Croatian printed book (incunabulum)  from 1483

The first Croatian printed book, published in 1483, i.e., 28 years after Gutenberg's Bible

A famous colophon (the final note) informing about the end of printing on 22 February 1483.

5. The first Croatian printed primer for children 1527.

The title page of the first Croatian printed primer for children from 1527.
The book was printed in Venice in the printing house of Andrea Torresani.

The last page of the primier, with the colophone (final note), 
in Croatian Glagolitic on the left, and in Latin script (and language) on the right.

A detailed description of the primer can be seen in [Tandarić], in Croatian.