Many thanks to Nenad Bach, NY, USA, for his idea to open a domain , and for his encouragement and advices since 2005 till today. An exceptionally fruitful collaboration with Nenad has been devloped around CROWN - , and on the advancement of my portal

I express my gratitude to Društvo prijatelja glagoljice (Society of Lovers of Glagolitic Script, DPG), and in particular to prof.dr. Vladimir Ćepulić, Narcisa Potežica, MSc, and to Biserka Draganić, prof., who directed the DPG.

This web site owes much to beautiful Croatian Glagolitic fonts, created by Eugen Divjak (Glagolitic quickscript), Nenad Hančić and Filip Cvitić (angular glagolitic).

Numerous colleagues, that I met in connection with the Glagolitic Script since 1991, were important for my efforts, and in particular Mr. Stjepan Bahert. Upon his suggestion, we founded a section of the DPG named Glagoljica u gostima (Glagolitic Company). Mr. Bahert is a theatre artis, and one of the founders of Teatar u gostima, a well known professional theatrical troup in Croatia.

The list can be continued litterally by hundreds of individual names and institutions...